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Resolving to Resolve

January 1 is the day we the American public, solemnly resolve never to consume sugar or gluten again and go to the gym at least 13 times a week. Because darn it, that’s what we owe our backsides and while we’re at it, our frontsides. What is life if we haven’t got our health anyway?

January 6 is the day we the American public decides to reasonably delay a few days, because, well, we're tired and we should probably catch up on sleep from all the holiday chaos & travel before we strain ourselves with a new regime. Next Monday sounds promising.

February 1 is the day we the American public would like to tell our resolutions to pound sand because donuts are delicious, Netflix binges are amazing and what is life without the simple pleasures it affords anyway? And didn’t we make those resolutions because of corporate greed or pressure from the media? I think we can all agree that all roads lead to Donald Trump being to blame here.

Despite the epic amounts of failure surrounding resolutions, I love them. I love new beginnings, blank pages and fresh starts. Famously, (famous for children relegated to an infinitesimal selection of films anyway) Anne Shirely of Green Gables said, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it."

3 Suggestions for resolution success:

1. Replace quantities with the word more

ie. go to the gym more instead of go to the gym 3-5 times a week.

That way if you go twice, which is 2x more than zero, you won't feel like a failure and quit.

2. Think long-term

Keeping with the exercise example (because it's the easiest) maybe you go to the gym once a week because your schedule is slammed. At the end of the year you will have gone to the gym 52 times--that's a lot more than zero! And by being active when you have the opportunity to exercise more frequently, your body will have a starting point.

3. Focus on the do's instead of the don'ts

ie. eat vegetables instead of don't eat sweets/french fries

It's easier to empower yourself to do something instead of restraining yourself from not doing something. Focus on the do's and you'll be proactive. If you're trying to kick a habit, say smoking, replace it with a good one, ie. taking a walk or eating a carrot when I want a cigarette.

Like a wise pinterest board once said, "The best way to begin, is by beginning."

Happy resolving!

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