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Nominated for what?

Last week I started getting text messages congratulating me on my nomination, and I was all, "Uh...nomination for what?" Turns out I was nominated for a Helen Hayes Award in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play for my work in One in the Chamber last summer. Well...whatdayaknow, that's fun.

The truth is if it weren’t for the support and encouragement from others along the way, I wouldn’t still be standing. At each critical step there was someone there, leading and helping. Sharing some of those people here:

The Short List:

  • My mom: As a kid I thought my mom was great, as an adult I am dumbfounded by her relentless tenacity in parenting and educating all FIVE of us.

  • My dad: Supporting us always, showing us what faithfulness meant, and giving us tutorials in dry wit, not to mention killer performances in the Easter play.

  • Martin Shell: My first acting teacher. He showed me the joy in acting and that it was possible.

  • Paula Plum: My second acting teacher. Wonderful leader, teacher, mentor and a gifted performer. I remain fortunate to have her as a role model.

  • The Pimentels: A family who gave me so much more than a job, and did everything in their power to help me in any way they could.

  • Bara Swain: The talented and bold playwright/director who invited me to come to New York to be in one of her plays and said I could live with her… and then I did.

  • Tomer Adorian: My dear friend and business partner. A staggering talent and constant inspiration and encouragement.

  • Veronica Reyes How: The hardest working actor I know. Talented and kind, and over-the-top generous with advice and encouragement.

The list goes on. My family, my friends, collegues, and the occasional stranger, there have been so many people who have shown me kindness in listening, caring and giving an encouraging word.

To the ones listed here and the ones who aren’t, thank you.

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